Pokies that feature themes from popular culture have traditionally done well. They offer a kind of familiarity that players enjoy and provide a more immersive and relatable gaming experience. That’s why we’ve seen many games featuring inspired by popular comic books, movies, series, and TV shows.

Marvel-themed slots have certainly played a big role in the iGaming industry over the years. With well-known back stories and famous imaginary heroes driving these stories, it seems that players just can’t get enough of them.

Some game providers like Playtech have been particularly active in this department, creating an entire range of games based on popular Marvel stories and bringing everyone’s favorite characters to life in a different setting.

The success these games have had is certainly food for thought for other gaming studios and online casinos, who would do well to get in the mix. Voodoodreams is one such operator that could benefit tremendously from developing their own Marvel-themed game.

This particular casino already has some strong gamification elements and it is focused on providing players with an immersive and engaging experience. Creating a slot or series of slots based on a popular theme would be the next step in that direction.

Opportunities Are Endless for Voodoodreams

There is certainly no lack of ideas or inspiration in the Marvel universe. The person or the team charged with developing this game would have a virtually bottomless pool of ideas to work with. Whether they want to stick with main plotlines or branch into new ones that they come up with, these games are virtually guaranteed to be a huge success with the player pool.

Playtech, for example, has found a lot of success with titles such as Iron Man 2, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and Ghost Rider. Featuring popular characters, interesting backstories, and, of course, exciting features, these pokies long remained some of the most popular picks at various online casinos.

But, these games have barely scratched the surface, and Voodoodreams could easily find fresh themes to tackle.

Centering a game around characters like Loki or Black Widow would likely create a lot of hype among the players. Add to this some big winning potential, and this is a winning combination that pretty much can’t fail.

New Technologies Open New Possibilities

It is worth noting that many of Marvel-themed slots that are currently available have been developed a while ago. So, while they’re still fun to play, many of them pale in comparison to new, modern games riddled with features and powered by modern graphics engines.

This creates a world of new opportunities for the developers, who could make games featuring epic cut scenes from the most popular movies in the franchise and give players exactly what they’re looking for.

On top of this, new technologies open doors for fresh and innovative bonus features that offer a much more interactive gaming experience. A new Marvel slot could offer much more than simple free spins. A bonus feature could easily showcase a full-fledged fight between the heroes and give players a chance to level up their characters as they progress through the game.

Opportunities are truly endless, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen a good Marvel-themed slot, so it’s high time someone picks up the slack and give players what they want. Hopefully, it will be Voodoodreams, as a game like this would fit right in with their existing business model.