Other Comics

Dell Comics

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN … THE BEATLES ! IT WAS 50 YEARS AGO TODAY (Feb. 9, 1964), The Beatles landed in the USA and appeared on the Ed Sullivan TV show. Joe had the pleasure of illustrating the 64 page life story of The Beatles for Dell Comics in 1964. The rest as they say, is history!

Archie Comics

Joe started working for Archie Comics in 1969 as a favor to his good friend Jon D’Agostino. Jon and Joe had worked together before doing work at Dell and Charlton. Joe was helping Jon out at Archie doing the inking over Jon, Stan Goldberg and Al Hartley. This is the only work that Joe ever did with Stan and Al. In all, Joe inked 374 pages from 1969- 1974 for Archie Comics. The pages shown below were found after extensive research by our good friend Dennis Rogers. Dennis is currently in the process of tracking down many more of these hard to find Archie stories that Joe worked on. Having only to go by the year of the comic, story title and number of pages inked, Dennis then had to find out which comic(s) that the stories were published in. Great job Denro!

ACG Comics

Much like Joe’s association with Jon D’Agostino, Joe worked the same way with Paul Reinman. Joe penciled a few stories for Marvel Comics that were Paul Reinman’s account and were credited to Paul in Marvel’s early days in 1961. He also penciled the following 4 stories for ACG that were inked and credited to Paul. Check out Joe’s drawing of Paul in The Girl From Way Back.